tower construction

World Tower provides a range of construction services giving you a complete turnkey option for any tower project. Since 1979 World Tower has focused on providing construction maintenance services for all types of vertical real estate. World Tower’s staff of professionals facilitate all communication among the project owner, engineer, and contractors. Our commitment to the highest quality standards and oasis natural house cleaning la habra job site safety gives our customers a full spectrum of services, including:

 Pre-Planning | Site Preparation | Equipment Testing

tower construction

Tower Erection Service

World Tower offers the technical expertise of a tower construction company with the knowledge of a manufacturing facility providing the very best multi radens to its customers. From the ground up, there is quality and efficiency built into every facet of our construction and installation process, which makes World Tower one of the nation’s leading fabricators of antenna towers. When it comes to tower erection, experience plays a large role in the speed and quality of a job. World tower offers crews with over 30 years experience using all types of construction methods including crane and, gin pole installations.  

Foundation Installation

World Tower has experience in designing various foundation designs such as caisson, combined footing, mat, etc. We can adapt to the many different terrains whether your site is accessible by road or by helicopter. It is our ability to adapt to all types of terrains which gives us our advantage over our competition. We offer preliminary foundation designs as well for customers who are looking to budget the foundation of an upcoming tower site. World Tower prides itself on being conservative, yet cost effective.

Antenna/Line Installation

World Tower has an extensive background in the installation of cellular, AM, FM radio, Cable TV, Wireless Broadband, UHF, VHF, and microwave antennas along with the corresponding coax and hard lines. World Tower offers crews that are trained in the installation of all vendors materials. And provides a full range of testing and path alignment services to accompany every area of antenna installations.

AM Grounding Installation

World Tower uses the highest quality standards when installing the critical AM Ground System. All copper to copper connections are made using a 15% Silver-Phosphorous-Copper brazing method. This will ensure a long life and the best conductivity. To reduce signal loss at the base of the tower we install a ground screen of copper mesh which is connected to the tower base with four 4-inch copper straps.  All radials are connected as well to this point. We only use industry approved methods for installing each radial around the tower which ensure all radials are installed in the ground at the same depth.


Tower Inspections

World Tower specializes in tower inspections across the nation for all types of tower designs. We have earned a well-deserved reputation for high-quality inspections at competitive rates.

Tower Reinforcement

World Tower offers crews that are trained in tower rework. Our crews are qualified to replace tower reinforcing steel, guy wires, and all other types of tower parts.

Tower Lighting

World Tower crews are qualified to repair all manufacturers tower lighting systems. Our attention to details and dependable response times are unmatched in the industry.

Tower Painting

World Tower offers all types of steel structure coating repairs. We offer over 20 years experience in exceeding our customers needs throughout the United States.

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