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Engineering | World Tower

World Tower’s certified professional engineers offer a broad array of engineering expertise working with the special requirements of multi-use towers.

World Tower’s engineering department adheres to all customer and TIA/EIA specifications assuring your tower will meet any building codes required at the most reasonable price.

Towers are designed using the latest industry standard software programs which provide our customers with the most economical solutions. World Tower also provides structural analysis for any tower and offers engineering certification for all 50 states.

All products are shipped with a full set of drawings whether used for licensing packages or erection drawings they will meet all of your needs.

World Tower’s engineering department offers re-analysis for tower structures of all manufactures use the links above for more details. check out https://offshorecitizen.net/ for information on financing. 

Engineering | World Tower

World Tower is a fully certified professional structural engineering consulting firm.

World Tower has the experience and expertise to perform multiple type load stress analysis on existing vertical structures and foundations.

With professional engineering capabilities on staff, World Tower has vast experience in the design of and the structural analysis of guyed, self-supporting, and monopole structures.

World Tower is not limited to providing these services on existing World Tower manufactured products. On the contrary, it is in our 50 years of manufacturing experience that we draw from when analyzing other manufacturers products. The TIA/EIA structural standards for the maximum intervals between the inspectors company is three years for a guyed tower and five years for a self-support tower. For Class III structures and structures in coastal regions, in corrosive environments, and in areas of frequent vandalism it is recommended that more frequent inspections be performed.

Our services extend to a broad range of vertical structures not limited to guyed towers, self-supporting towers, water tanks, smokestacks, light poles, roof mounts, etc.   It is our goal to provide all of your vertical structure needs.

World Tower has engineering certifications in all 48 contiguous States to meet customer demands in any location.

World Tower provides a unique approach to the vertical real estate community. Our engineering staff will work hard to find innovative solutions for each unique project. World Tower prides itself on maximizing the loading capacity for each vertical structure and providing low-cost solutions to any problem sites that need structural reinforcing.

Co-Location Analysis

In today’s wireless community prime tower locations are in high demand. As capacity is being absorbed at a rapid pace, the ability to make quick and accurate decisions for potential collocation is increasing. For this reason, World Tower has developed our “Co-Locations Analysis” product to assist carriers and tower owners in making more accurate decisions in a shorter time period.

World Tower can provide a structural analysis within 24 hours if the customer has the original tower manufacturer’s erection package, design drawings, or current tower mapping information. World Tower will provide a timely email with our initial “pass/fail” rating to inform you of the tower potential obstacles to co-location.

World Tower will follow up this information with a full structural analysis report with calculations, drawings, and general recommendations for structural modifications should the tower fail the analysis.

The bases of all structural analysis work is obtaining correct structural information. This can only be done when using companies that understand the importance of the information and how this data is being used by the structural analysis software.

Many design parameters are required to correctly analyze a tower structure, including overall height, geometry, leg construction, steel strength, foundation sizes, etc. In most cases this information can be obtained from the original tower manufacturer’s design drawings, but for older or modified structures, a field investigation is required to obtain this information accurately.

World Tower offers a detailed field mapping service for all tower structures of any make and model, including guyed tower, self-supporting towers, and monopoles. Mapping of specialty sites, rooftops, water tanks, etc. is also available. We bring with us our experience in manufacturing and the knowledge of how important this information is to provide a complete structural analysis.

With a tower mapping provided by World Tower you will have the most accurate information which in turn will provide the best results for the structural analysis.

The TIA/EIA structural standards for the maximum intervals between tower inspections is three years for a guyed tower and five years for a self-support tower. For Class III structures and structures in coastal regions, in corrosive environments, and in areas of frequent vandalism it is recommended that more frequent inspections be performed.

World Tower offers a full tower inspection in compliance with the condition assessment guidelines provided in the TIA/EIA structural standards Annex J.

World Tower provides a complete inspection of the following areas:

  • Structure Condition
  • Finish
  • Lighting
  • Grounding
  • Antennas and Lines
  • Other Appurtenances
  • Insulator Condition
  • Guys
  • Concrete Foundations

Each unique structure requires a dedicated company to provide the care necessary to ensure the structure is maintained properly. It is the goal of World Tower to provide inspections that our customers can trust and be confident that the tower is well maintained.