At World Tower Company we specialize in tower design, manufacturing, installation, and most of all, customer service.  We have been fabricating lattice towers for over 20 years and have found that the thing that keeps our customers coming back is the care that we take of every project that comes across our desk.  Whether it be a small purchase of fabricated steel or a large turnkey project, we see every order through to completion and beyond with attention to detail and a responsiveness that is unmatched in the industry.  It is this type of service that has helped to develop long-lasting relationships with our dedicated customers, who we consider part of the World Tower family.

Since our inception we have designed tower solutions for a wide range of industries including broadcast, cellular, wireless, energy, meteorological, military, emergency management and more. There are very few problems we have yet to solve and gladly accept new challenges every day.  If you have a site that needs to be built and aren’t sure where to start, send us an email today and we will develop a solution for you.

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